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about the exhibition

brief description of my final major project and how i got my idea from

For this FMP, I want my project to be about Javanese culture. I want to talk more about Javanese culture because ever since I was little, my family exposed me to Javanese culture like wayang, kebaya, gamelan, and traditional dance. As I was growing up, I want to know more about where I came from and I also want to know how important it is to remember our ethnicity. To be more specific, I want to make kebaya Jawa Tengah. Even though I’m not specifically from Jogja, I want to explore more about their kebaya. So for this project, I want to make a kebaya mixed with my own style. So it’s actually like kebaya with a modern style to it. I was actually planning to not sew the kebaya but instead, I want to be the one who styled and make the design myself. My personal goal for this FMP is to understand about Javanese culture and my ethnicity. I also want to show everyone my own design of kebaya and that I did my best in this project. Well the main goal for this project is to tell everyone how important it is to know your culture and how we should not forget about our traditions since we’re living in a modern world now. We should be more aware and more exposed to our culture and appreciate it more to not be forgotten.

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