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about me


Hi!! My name is Alunna Inara Wiranatakusumah but you can call me Alunna or Luna. I'm 17 years old, soon to be 18 in June. I was raised in Jakarta, Indonesia but I was born in Boston, Massachusetts since both of my parents went to college there. I'm currently studying at Whatcom Community College which is located in Bellingham, USA. I also previously studied in Erudio Indonesia and this project/website is part of my FMP (final major project) which I have to finish to get my BTEC certificate. I enjoy doing art and I'm not the type of person whom you'll ask for help with your math or science homework because I just can't understand anything about them. Even though I enjoy doing art, I still don't know what field or what kind of art I will major in but fashion has always been something I really like. A fun fact about me is that I like nature because it calms me. My dream school is RISD.

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